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Public Pandemic Tools is the HTTP solution brought to you by the creaters of rideschedules.com. The service does not offer medical diagnosis or treatment services.

We offer helpful Internet services for the public and testing providers to help end the pandemic and preserve public health. The system is powered by official and self-reported test results, vaccinations, contact tracing data, tracking data, and patient surveys. Enjoy the same privacy and trust as a commercial web service while helping to protect yourself and others from Covid-19.

Basic services to end the pandemic are no cost. Additional provider services are based on traditional pandemic suppression activities and are available for a small fee. Let PPT cut your costs and help your patients. Translation is supported for all major languages and the service runs with all major web browsers (TrackMe requires Firefox, however).

If you are a testing provider, sign up for a provider account to learn about services. If you are a regional PHA, sign up for a PHA account to see how you can help the public in your area.


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Public Health

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BERKELEY, CA. Upgrades for Covid-19 testing providers are available at publicpandemictools.com. Testing providers can add anonymous online contact tracing to the patient testing experience and ensure guidance and resource links accompany test results. Doctors can add online contact tracing to their treatment protocol.

The upgrade requires only use of the industry standard data format and a patient recognized PIN to access their test results. Testing providers can organize around geographic areas to create 100% data coverage for public virus location and proximity warning web services.

The service operates in addition to and independent of current efforts to end the pandemic. Patient access to risk location and proximity warning services is available at no cost. Sign up is also no cost for both testing providers and patient users. Esidian, the creator and operator, is a private California company and long time web service provider with thousands of daily users across North America.

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