Whitepaper: PPT for Providers

Whether you are a large health care services provider or an individual testing laboratory, you can include contact tracing and guidance links with all your positive test results and perform traditional pandemic suppression duties using automation. The PPT-EXT Subscription includes unlimited PIN investigation, contact tracing follow-ups, and monitoring reports. Service is sandboxed and in addition to current efforts

Simply give your patients their secret PIN and refer them to Public Pandemic Tools for test results, online contact tracing, and resources. Patients sign up at no cost, enter their PIN, and see test results with a contact tracing link in view if appropriate. Your links to guidance and resources, along with other helpful tools, are immediately available.

Online contact tracing is conducted by the patient anonymously in a delightful but thorough interface. Patients can save their work and return, as well as check the status of their warnings. Personal names and contact information is deleted after the infectious period has expired.

Most Testing laboratories are already properly equipped to use PPT. Simply configure your HL7 Soup or other workflow software to report de-identified data to the PPT HL7 receiver. Once patients have their PIN and are referred, patient service delivery is complete.

Organize testing providers in your metropolitan area and transmit through the same account to help the public with virus location and proximity warning web services at 100% data coverage. Just maintain the uniqueness of all patient PINs and transmit using the same authentication credentials.

PPT is designed specifically to help end the pandemic. The System is scalable to millions of test results and is deployed with industry leading hardware and software for automatic failover and recovery.

Sign Up as a Testing Provider to see other features that can support your efforts to end the pandemic, such as website add on and reports email list.

Extended Pandemic Suppression

Extended pandemic suppression is provided through the optional PPT Extended Tools (PPT-EXT) Subscription. PPT-EXT includes contact tracing follow-ups, PIN summaries, and monitoring reports. All PPT-EXT tools are based on privacy and patient consent either through your health services or testing laboratory agreement or from within the PPT patient account. Viewing of personally identifiable information is limited to close contact names and contact information during the period of presumptive contagiousness.

Follow-ups on contact tracing is limited to resolving identifiers reported by the patient into a current email address or SMS number after automated warning attempts have failed and before the presumptive contagious period has passed. (SMS is available through the patient PPT-ETS subscription.) Staff can update contact information directly using the user account. PPT resumes warning attempts with the updated information.

Follow-ups supports team work. Filter results by letter and create an employee password to distribute and assign different groups to different letter ranges. Any number of employees may be logged in at the same time. PIN investigation allows you to check test result delivery and contact tracing for any given test result.

Monitoring of pandemic suppression is done through reports based on data transmitted using the account's credentials. Reports include all major variables of interest with 7 day segmentation and graphs. Since reports do not display personally identifiable information, they are not limited to consenting patients (except for patients who decline the health survey). Report variables include contract tracing rates and effectiveness, activities involving transmission, symptoms, pre-existing conditions, acuity, treatments, and re-infection rates.

PPT-EXT is available by subscription from your Profile and integrated with the PayPal subscription service. Pricing is on par with the cost of a single medium level employee and bills weekly. You can cancel anytime or when it's no longer needed. (Note basic test result delivery, online contact tracing, resource links is free; fee based services is limited to extended pandemic suppression tools.)

Industry leading hardware and software is configured for scale and reliability. Our staff has years of experience providing public facing web services in North America in use by thousands daily. Configure and add PPT to your layered response with confidence.

To get started, Sign Up for your provider account, select Profile, and scroll to Subscription.

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