Whitepaper: PPT for State Public Health

PPT offers services to regional public health through the no cost Public Health account and the PPT-EXTR Open Data Subscription. Taken together the benefits are: (1) guidance and resource links to accompany test results, (2) use of agency backend resources to improve contact tracing, (3) group payment to make standard pandemic suppression tools available online for all testing providers, and (4) regional dataset to monitor test results, contact tracing and patient surveys. Upgrade testing programs and have all providers transmit to PPT to turn on virus location and proximity warning services for the public.

The optional guidance links in the PHA account are displayed with test results if the patient's testing provider has not already specified their own links. Guidance links are categorized by subject for positive test cases and close contact warnings.

The account includes an API section that allows agency backend resources to interface and update the email address or SMS number of unacknowledged close contacts of consenting contact tracers during the period of presumptive infectiousness. Agency IT staff can write a simple CGI script to read POST variables containing identifiers reported by contact tracers and respond with a current email address or SMS number. Simply specify the URL to your custom service, along with authenticating credentials in your account. The System will query your service as needed for the close contacts of users who have consented.

The guidance links and the API features are included at no cost by simply signing up for the Public Health account. The most likely authorized user to administer the PHA account is staff already handling HL7 disease reporting and analysis. Reporting to Public Pandemic Tools uses the same format and transmission protocols already in use, so little additional training or acquisitions should be expected.

Paid features for more aggressive pandemic suppression is available. The online tools are designed to maximize automation and simplify support activities. See below for details.

Aggressive Pandemic Suppression

The optional PPT-EXTR Open Data Subscription makes extended tools for testing providers (PIN investigation, followups, monitoring reports) no cost within the region. The subscription activates a regional dataset to add contact tracing data and patient health survey results to your current data dashboard. (See below on how to use a single test delivery service for an accurate risk locater and automatic contact tracing.)

The regional dataset compiles data from all testing providers in the region to measure the most important indicators: positivity rates, contact tracing rates, close contact warning success rates, and the results of patient surveys regarding activites associated with transmission, symptoms, acuity, treatments, and re-infection. Note that advanced data analysis of test results and patient data is reserved for other software; focus is on contact tracing and health survey data with basic support for test results analysis.

Use a Single Test Result Delivery Service

PPT seeks to fully develop digital solutions in support of pandemic suppression. However, like all other digital solutions, it is hindered by incomplete data coverage. For example, a risk locater or automatic contact tracing is impossible without a complete datastore.

Use PPT as a single test result delivery service to create your datastore and make a risk locater and automatic contact tracing available to the public of your region. PPT can operate as a sole COVID-19 outpatient test result delivery service and inpatient contact tracing service. Test results can be relayed through public health or mandatory reporting by testing providers directly to PPT. With either arrangement, 100% of positive test cases are accompanied by guidance and contact tracing links. In addition, reports, the WhereIsIt? Risk Locater, and the TrackMe service immediately draw upon 100% of the data and can begin to play a significant role ending pandemic in the region. AI solutions, such as recursive warnings, can be used to stop the virus from spreading in lightly infected areas.

The subscription includes options to preserve the look and feel of your current web services during test result pickup and contact tracing by the public. Configure a Website Add On or Custom Domain Name to use your colors and logo on the banner.

The PPT-EXTR Open Data Subscription is available from your Profile. PPT is monitored at the application, data, and network layers and support is available to resolve issues. Pricing is based on demographics and population size but is expected to represent at least a 30% cost reduction in the contact tracing effort. Subscriptions bill weekly and you can cancel any time with a pro-rated refund. See the Support page for details.

PPT is intuitive, so selections in the interface mean and behave as their labels suggest. Step by step instruction is available on how to sign up and configure free or paid services. Follow the instructions or just get started below.

Public Health Account Setup Instructions

Sign Up for PHA Account

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