Whitepaper: PPT for Centralized Test Result Delivery

Use PPT as a centralized test result delivery service to include online contact tracing and guidance with all positive test results and give the reports, the virus locator and automatic contact tracing 100% data coverage. Receive HL7 messages from testing providers and relay to PPT or require testing providers to transmit directly to PPT.

PPT allows regional public health to use OBX and RXA messages with online contact tracing to create regional solutions to end the pandemic. With 100% data coverage, PPT can accurately determine infection intensity for any area and adjust warning recursion levels and scheduling to try to stop the virus from spreading in lightly or cleared areas. Note that without 100% data coverage, intensity determinations are not possible so the solution cannot be applied.

About 95% of the world uses the same data format for medical data. So software to manage HL7 data is widely available and requires little additional skill sets. Instructions and the information required to configure software to transmit to PPT appear in the PPT HL7 Guide (see Related Links below).

Regional Public Health organizes testing providers independently of PPT. If you plan to re-transmit from Public Health, select a start date in the user account to avoid duplicates and false rejects. PPT rejects messages from providers if centralized delivery is Active and configured to relay from Public Health. If you are using direct reporting to PPT, having centralized delivery active tells the application there is 100% data coverge. Do not use centralized delivery with this option if reporting does not include all testing providers excluding home tests.

Centralized Test Result Delivery requires a Regional PPT-EXTR Open Data Subscription. For instructions on subscribing, see Public Health Account Sign Up Instructions in related links below.

If you have a subscription and testing providers are properly organized to activate centralized test result delivery, follow these instructions.

  • Login and select Settings on the main menubar. Click the Centralized Test Result Delivery link on the page index.
  • Select the option that best describes how you are organized for Centralized Test Result Delivery.
  • If you are using the relay from Public Health option, select a start date and time. It must be in the future.
  • Save.

Changes to take effect immediately.

For step by step instructions on Public Health account setup, see Public Health Account Setup Instructions. Follow the instruction to be sure you are making full use of PPT. Or simply Sign Up. The PPT user interface is intuitive.

Public Health Account Setup Instructions

Sign Up for PHA Account

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