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For help using the service, visit the Help page.


If the Service is not behaving as you expect or you have a question not answered in a help publication, see the guidance below. For a complete list of publications, visit the About page.

Remember to follow the instructions on the web page for the Tool you are using. Check the top right for a Help drop down. If links to more information appear, follow those links for a solution.

If you still think PPT is not behaving as you expect, open a support ticket. Use the Help Desk link that appears on the navigation bar for this page.

If you have a billing question, use the Payments link in your Profile. You can also check the Subscriptions area of your PayPal account. If you did not purchase with PayPal or cannot locate a solution, open a support ticket from this page using the link on the main navigation bar.

If you are a PHA or Testing Provider subscriber, you are strongly encouraged to join the PPT Feedback Forum for direct access to developer and operations staff. The PPT Feedback Forum is a private group that requires approval to join. All PHA and Testing Provider account owners are invited.

To cancel your subscription, Login to your PayPal account and use the Automatic Payments interface to cancel. Cancellation and issuance of a pro-rated refund occur immediately. Our System will be notified and update your account. If you purchased by mail, cancellation occurs when we receive your request or the subscription period ends without renewal. To expedite your request if you are a PHA or Testing Provider account holder, open a support ticket to request cancellation.

Note: The cancellation of a PHA account does not activate Testing Provider subscriptions that were cancelled when the regional PHA subscription began. If you are a Testing Provider whose subscription was cancelled and replaced by a regional subscription, you must re-subscribe from your account Profile to continue with paid services. Paid services can be reactivated with no data loss immediately after payment processing completes.

Refunds are available on a pro-rated basis for all paid subscriptions purchased using PayPal. Setup fees, if any, are not refundable. The remaining active subscription period is pro-rated following the cancellation and a refund issued. Expect to receive your refund in the customary time period. If you purchased a paid subscription by mail, pre-paid subscription periods are fully refunded but remaining days in the current subscription cycle are not pro-rated due to time variations in receiving payments by mail. You must include your region and user name in your request.

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Whitepaper: PPT for Testing Providers
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