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The details about usage and behavior of Pandemic Tools.

See Using Pandemic Tools for Patients

A. Very reliable. The System is based on official test result data transmitted directly from testing laboratories. Self-Reported test results are always noted or cued by color unless the self-report indicates contagious or recently contagious.

A. Yes, very much so. Laboratory test are transmitted electroniclly over secure connections and a secret code is required to view your test results.

A. Yes, under the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use your personal information is visible only when you are logged into your account. However, if you have given permission to your testing provider or regional public health, close contact names and contact information will be viewable for the purpose of pandemic suppression. Use your Profile to enable close contact followups by testing providers and public health agencies.

A. Yes, your color is based on official laboratory results unless you self-report. When you press Verify, the page reloads with authentic status information. Self-reported results are cued by color unless the self-report show contagious or recently contagious. See the Legend under your color for details.

A. The names and contact information of close contacts are auto delted when their would be contagious period has passed.

A. TrackMe data is a queue that moves down once per day over a 21 day period. After 21 days, all of your tracking data will be permenantly deleted.

A. Yes, you have complete control over your account and all of your data. You can delete your account and all of your test results at any time. Note that you cannot edit test results from your provider but you can delete them by closing your account.

A. Recursive warnings may help eliminate the virus in its early stages or late stages of a pandemic. Level 1 means you are a named close contact by a person who has tested positive. Level 2 means you are a close contact of a named close ccontact. Level 3 means you are two close contacts away from the infected persion in the contact chain. Note that recursive warning may not be in use for all regions at all times.

A. Computer programs that run repeatedly at specific times are known as crons. TellMe Cron is the program that uses your online contact tracing to warning named close contacts. TrackMe Cron uses your tracking data to warn if you have been in proximity of a positive test case or if you are included in a chain of close contacts.

A. Use the HL7 Guide to setup the transforms in your workflow and report to PPT. Give patients their PIN and refer them to Public Pandemic Tools for test results and anonymous online contact tracing. See the step by step guide on sign up and getting started.

A. Learn how PPT can help you end the pandemic from the Whitepapers for providers and public health. Public Health can support testing providers and patients.

A. The translation table is re-initializing. Unless translations are being reset, this occurs only once.

A. Ads help keep basic services no cost.

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