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Your account data is visible only to you and to us when needed to operate this service. The name and contact information of your close contacts is also visible to your public health agencies or testing providers if you have given consent in your Profile or in a separate agreement between you and a testing provider.

We use mandatory encryption, one way password hashing, and secure data centers to ensure this policy.

The Terms of Use accepted by health care agencies and testing providers for this service prohibit use of close contact information for any purpose other than contact tracing followup to suppress the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The names and contact information of all close contacts are deleted 113 days after the positive test result that led to contact tracing. User accounts are auto-deleted after a 10 year period of inactivity and following a 7 day notice. De-identified laboratory tests not claimed by a patient with their PIN are archived after 2 years. Track Me location data is saved as GPS cooridinates checked every 1 minutes and saved when 0.01 km of movement is detected. Data is stored as a queue with day 21 auto-deleted on each shift.

If you have purchased a subscription, your financial information is stored by the payment processor in accord with their own privacy policy and terms of use. If you purchased without a payment processor, your financial information is subject to the same privacy rules as your account data. Use and disclosure is limited to what is necessary to complete your transaction.

We are committed to complying with all local laws where a Sign Up is possible. We may not store user data within the jurisdiction where it was collected, so the service is unavailable. To remove unlawful service or restore lawful service, submit to the PPT Operation Forum.

You can Opt-out of all close contact notices.

Opt-out of Warning Emails

For questions or concerns about this policy, please visit the PPT Operation Forum.

PPT Operation Forum

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