Introducing Public Pandemic Tools for Providers

Whether you are a large health care provider or an independent laboratory, Public Pandemic Tools ("PPT") can leverage your health data reporting infrastructure to offer patients online contact tracing, tracking, risk locater services, and verification services. Close contact follow-ups and report monitoring is also available.

The service uses the HL7 data format, so just add PPT to your workflow and RX patients for online contact tracing with their PIN number. Manual OBX/RXA data entry is also supported. You and your patients are now setup.

Privacy is based on contract clauses matching traditional web services with added options for consent to accommodate close contact follow-ups. With the use of de-identified data, there is zero risk of liability for breach of privacy.

Tip: Organize testing providers within a geographic area to give patients Pandemic Tools with 100% data coverage. Just transmit through the same account and your keep patient PINs unique.

See more convenience features in the user account area. Sign up is free. You agree only to use the service for its intended purpose. Feedback is welcome.


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