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Verify the status of your infectiousness or vaccinations for personal or business use.


Online contact tracing warns your close contacts anonymously. Sit back and let PPT do the work while staying up to date on the status of your warnings.


Track your location and receive proximity warnings if you have been near the virus. All you need is your cell phone (requires Firefox). Search in WhereIsIt? to see data coverage for your area.


See the intensity of the virus in the places you might go. Also see data coverage information for your places.

Sign-up is free and all personal data is private unless you choose to allow close contact followups by your provider or public health.

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For Testing Providers...

We have tools to help you and the public end the pandemic. Give your patients free anonymous online contact tracing, status verification, and ensure access to quality guidance and resource information. See how to get started making PPT available to your patients. Learn more...

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For State Public Health...

We can help regional public health support efforts by testing providers and the public to end the pandemic. You can make regional pandemic suppression web services available to all people in your region. PPT is independent of current efforts and can be used no matter how you are currently organized to combat the Pandemic. With proper administrative organization, PPT can be used as an effective and cognizable regional pandemic suppression system. Learn more...

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